Morning Care Program

The Morning Care Program is great for parents who have an early start to their day and need a hand in getting their little one off to school. 

Our qualified group leaders are there bright and early to greet your child with a smile and yummy breakfast. 

The Morning Care program runs independently of the After School Program. Therefore, if you just need assistance in the morning, we've got what you need. 

Program Highlights

  • Runs Monday through Friday

  • Drop off begins at 7:30am

  • Departure time 15-20 minutes before school bell

  • Variety of hot and cold breakfast items available

  • Time for reading and activities before walk to school

  • Small group sizes


     Days                                    Cost

1 day/wk                                $75.00

2 days/wk                             $120.00

3 days/wk                             $155.00

4 days/wk                             $180.00

5 days/wk                             $200.00

** Drop-In**                            $20.00

Eligible Schools

  • Bowmore Public School

  • Earl Haig Public School

  • Roden Public School

  • Equinox Alternative School

  • Ecole Catholique George Etienne Cartier


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